Chia Seeds

Chia Colada pudding

Chia Colada pudding

I discovered Chia seeds quite by accident last week. Why I never had considered Chia seeds before I don’t understand now, but I guess I couldn’t get by the Chia Pet thing. As some of you will know Trader Joe’s provide their customers with little taste treats and the day I was there they served Chia seed pudding and I thought Hm! this is interesting. It tasted a little like tapioca, which we had often both when I was a child and when my kids were little. Chia seeds are like Tapioca Gluten Free. I bought a packet of the seeds and a carton of coconut milk and made the same pudding that I had tasted at Trader Joe’s. It however tasted a little bland and I decided to experiment a little. Looking online I found a recipe for

Dark Chocolate Chia Pudding with Blackberreis

Dark Chocolate Chia Pudding with Blackberreis

Chocolate Chia Pudding  tried it and it was just delicious. Key Lime and Pina Colada flavors popped into my mind and so I made a Chia Colada Pudding, it was also very nice. The one thing with Chia seeds is that they do not have an inherent flavor and the flavors I added to the desserts became somewhat  muted after the dessert set. I will experiment more and bring an update.

What is nice with making these puddings is that it takes but minutes ro put together, no cooking. It however needs to sit for at least 2-3 hour, preferably over night to thicken properly, so a little pre-planning is necessary. Because Chia seeds have little independent flavor, they lend themselves to a number of uses. The little seeds absorb about 9 or so more times their weight in fluid, any fluid; juice, milk, nut milks, broth, water, etc. and can therefore also be used as thickener or simply as an other dishes altogether or as cereal or as part of a cereal or in smoothies, in yogurt and whatever you may want to invent.


Chia seed berry pudding

Chia seed berry pudding

Chia seeds are considered as being a healthy food; high in Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber among other things and have been used with high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, etc. But like with many things there are some things you might want to consider before you go hog wild with it.     Stay informed.

Oineapple Sage salad dressing
Pineapple Sage salad dressing


Another food that has caught my attention has been my Pineapple Sage. It has a lovely light fruity fragrance and therefore has, I feel, a much wider possibility of use in cooking that regular sage. But it is only my opinion. The sage is on the verge of blooming in my garden and I have infused Balsamic vinegar with Pineapple Sage , experimented with a salad dressing which turned out very good as well as made some Pineapple sage butter. Bundles will also be picked for drying. I look forward to a juice leg of lamb with sage, thyme, Juniper berries and Rosemary at some point later.

We have had some significant rains and everything continues to grow at a furious speed. It is becoming harder to keep up with all the green in the garden, even with gifting friends with bags og greens and

 morning fix black cherry papaya

drinking green power drinks between meals also with salads and steamed greens. Maybe I will turn a lovely pale tinge of green similar to my mother in the 50ties, who after drinking large glasses of carrot juice turned a nice orange and became worried she had jaundice. But when the whites of her eyes also turned a milky orange she knew she needed to cut down on the daily dose of juice.

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