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Are you struggling with health issues and not finding a resolution to them? Are you feeling tired and stressed all the time? Are you having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep and therefore waking up feeling exhausted? Are you having digestive problems and nothing you have tried helps? Are you experience trouble conceiving or is your menstrual cycle off and you don't know what to do now? Or do you just want to know more about wellness and prevention?


If you are experiencing any of these or other health issues, at Midnight Sun Herbal Health we will work with you regain your health and balance and we will support you at every step of your journey.

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I first met Bodil last winter - my wife and I had gotten sick at the most inopportune time! I was on the phone with Bodil at the first sign of sickness, and she examined my wife and I later that day. Bodil gave us her own custom-made formulation of herbs, and while my coworkers fell ill for 3 solid weeks, my wife and I returned to health in less than a weekend!! I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Steve G

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Well, I think you are some sort of angel. My new diet has me feeling good! I am eating 3 full meals a day and am actually having 4 different vegetables a day and at least 1 fruit a day. I don't have to worry about what to eat, I just refer to the list and the problem is solved. 


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I had been pretty miserable with a stomach ache that lasted a month and was not getting better even though I had been put on a very restrictive diet of the blandest foods. I went to see Bodil Meleney. Bodil spent 90 minutes with me and gave me a combination of herbs and a list of instructions on what to eat and what to avoid. In less than a week I had recovered, and am eating normally. I am very happy to have had a consult with Bodil and glad to have found out about Midnight Sun Herbal Health.






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